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Consultancy Services

Our team of consultants provide technical expertise across a broad range in fishery, livestock and cropping systems, managing environmental stewardship projects for farmers across the country. . . Our services focus on profitable and sustainable farming systems that follow best practice of commercial principles for business, soils and the environment.

Our regional team of consultants combine local knowledge with a wide range of technical expertise covering many aspects of fishery, livestock and crop production policy and regulation. Our clients include farmers, growers, processors, retailers large and small across the supply chain in Nigeria and internationally. Our consultancy services are tailored to build your business with key areas of expertise.

We are committed to helping farmers produce the best results in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. Our team consists of Agronomy professionals who handle the crop side of your business, and veterinary and fishery professionals who handle the animals aspect of your farm business. While our crop consultants are keeping up with the latest in seed varieties, IPM and yield analysis, our animal scientists diagnose and treat livestocks and   vaccination, determining the illnesses or causes of injury afflicting the farm animals, access their conditions and advise clients on the best available treatments. . An internal technical certification program assures that we are getting the very best data at the field level in which to make the most informed decisions for our clients. This approach provides our clients with a team of people who are focused on specific aspects of your operation. We feel that with the complexities of modern farming, a team approach provides the best service to our farm clients.


Why We Are For You

Are you getting maximum result from all areas of each field?

Are you using inputs in the most cost-effective and efficient manner?

Are you comfortable with the size of your farm business?

Are you using the most advanced technologies to gather critical data about your farms?

If you answered no to any of these questions, contact Honourable Farms Consulting Services. We’ll show you how we can become your partner in profitability.


We Can Help You Grow

Are you resisting growth because it is difficult to hire qualified people? Honourable Farms  Consulting Service professionals can manage many of the day-to-day tasks that can be burdensome on larger.


Working With Us;

Some clients simply need a one-off phone consultation or farm visit to address an operational issue. Most clients work with us on an ongoing basis, where we consult periodically to create and implement a strategic plan.


Farm Visits:

Being on farm with you, and looking at both the livestock and the paddocks is vital to assess the most practical and profitable way forward. This whole farm approach is vital to understanding your business, production system and environment.

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