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Farm Training

Our education services are flexible and designed to meet the specific client needs. Honourable Farms has developed skill-based training modules with the aid of Skills for All on essential agricultural enterprise topics, which can be used for workers, smallholder farmers and management training courses. We utilise the results from training need assessments in designing our training programmes. Our offer the following services;;

Training courses for farm workers

Determine training needs

Provide training on-farm in language of choice

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitor progress after training was conducted.

Understanding the livestock’s nutritional needs throughout the production cycle allows students to allocate feed effectively, and manage animals condition, ultimately leading to improvements in productivity. This course is delivered on farm with groups of farmers to improve the enterprise profitability.

We deliver training on nutrition and animal health for farmers, where merchandise staff, agronomists and animal health sales reps come together to enhance their animal and plant knowledge.  Some examples of training include:

new drench products and how these fit into farmers’ drenching programs

the role of minerals in ruminant nutrition

understanding lice and worms and treatment products

vaccination schedules and products

Crop rotational  designs

Plant nutrient mangement planning

Farm Mapping

Fertilizer recommendations

Integrated pest management

Manure management

Crop residue and cover crop management

Individual or farmer group training.

We work together with individual clients and farmer groups to understand what level of training or education is required, then we will create and deliver a tailored educational solution. We offer training packages for corporate farming businesses with large employee numbers, farmer groups right down to individual farming businesses that would like to improve animal and or crop production techniques.

We can give your staff practical, hands on training on a number of important areas such as:


Safe delivery of vaccinations


Best drenching methods

Sheep condition scoring and assessing pasture quantity and quality

Finding lice

Setting up and feeding in containment yards

Crop rotation formulation, pasture budgeting and supplementary feed plans

We also offer educational facilitation on broader themes such as:


Fish, poultry, sheep and cattle health and nutrition

Pasture utilisation

Boosting farm productivity

Weaner management

Spotting and managing health problems

Plant nutrient mangement planning

Fertilizer recommendations

Pest management practices

Disease management

Manure management

Permanent crop management.


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