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Fishery Services

Aquaculture is actually the fastest growing segment of the world agriculture economy because of the world’s general population growth and movement to higher quality protein like fish. People always have to eat and food is generally inelastic, meaning the demand doesn’t change much based on economies. Wild sources of seafood can’t satisfy this demand by itself. The ever increasing population of countries such as India and China drives a lot of that demand.

Our clients range from those interested in assistance developing a piece of property for a fish farm to investors and financial analysts wishing to become better educated on the current aquaculture production in the country. We assist large corporations to small scale fish farmers for help with their technical production challenges.

Making use of professional advice and experience early in the planning phase of any aquaculture venture is essential in order to ensure the venture is economically viable, properly designed and appropriately managed. We offer various services to our clients, including our innovative Partnership Program whereby we support new and existing aquaculture businesses to ensure they achieve and maintain optimal return of investment at all times.

We specialize specifically in the production of catfish for distribution to a variety of markets both domestically and abroad. This includes broodstocks for other fish farms, fish for the live fish markets, fingerlings and catchable size fish for recreational fishing lakes, and newly hatched fish for the grower's market.

Our aquaculture services include;

Constructons of recirculating and flow through systems for hatcheries, nursery and grow out tanks.

Feed formulation and production

Constructions of earth pond system designs

Feasibility Studies

Site Selection & Layout

Production Audits and Optimisation on existing Facilities

Health and welfare

Resource management

Business review and business management


Custom farm management software.

Marketing, from farm to fork.

Our focus is on using the best availabe aquaculture technology to develop fish farming systems that are cost effective to erect and operate, produce the targetted production volumes and are as simple as possible to manage. Furthermore, we focus on using the best available technology that is sustainable in the long term from the economic, biological and environmental perspectives.


We produce Business Plans for clients to tie the design, costing and earning potential of the production system into a Bankable Document to be used in fund raising and directing the development of the Project. We also provide information on the feasibility, design and construction of new production sites as well as the evaluation of existing sites.

We can help fish farmers market their products and guide them on further expansion plans. We contract with existing farms covering all aspects of the business including breeding, spawning, rearing, marketing, processing and distribution of their fish products.

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